About Us

PT. Mutiaracahaya Plastindo was established in 1995 at Raya Karang Pilang 33, Surabaya – East Java as a home-grown business producing plastic packaging and paper lamination. It covers an area of some 2.5 hectares . Our first products were PP film grade, PE film grade, LLDPE film grade, HDPE film grade, and paper lamination. The whole products are food grade.

To develop the good prospect in responding to our capacity consumption need, In 1997, we started to expanding in inner jumbo bag and trash bag (HDPE). We also process our own industrial waste.

There are always challenges in the plastic industry, especially regarding labor and raw materials. As an established business, we work to keep ahead of the curb by developing new methods and products to improve our product line up and company as a whole. We tackle change pro-actively and are constantly looking for the best materials suppliers, most productive workers, and most cutting-edge technologies

Using modern technologies and machines, PT. Mutiaracahaya Plastindo was established to respond to the increasing needs of plastic packaging in Indonesia. After being more than 24 years in operation, our production capacity now exceeds about 18,000 tons per year. In order to fulfill market needs, the production will always be increased both in quantity and quality .

In 2011, PT. Mtiaracahaya Plastindo was accredited the ISO 9001:2015. Our company guarantees each of our product quality and our on schedule delivery wherever needed as well as the capacity of our production more increasing. In preparing ourselves to be more developed in the decades ahead, we will always ready to serve you.


Our vision is to be the best Plastic Producer in Indonesia and Asia as a whole. We will achieve this vision through dedication to our work, and commitment to using the best technologies, staff, and other resources to deliver the highest quality plastic products possible.


  • Produce high quality plastic packaging, paper lamination and other plastic products at competitive prices.
  • To meet and exceed the needs and expectations of every customer.
  • To continue to pursue technological innovation to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Strengthen our marketing network through community relations and strong customer services.
  • Build strong relationships with our business partners and suppliers.
  •  To emphasize employee welfare and corporate social responsibility.

History & Milestone

PT. Mutiaracahaya Plastindo was established to respond the increasing needs of plastic packing in Indonesia. Our company guarantees product quality and on schedule delivery wherever needed.